Obama’s Wife And Daughters Decide To Snub Kenya. Reason Being…


It’s only a matter of few hours before the leader of free world touches down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). But sadly Potus is coming without his sweetheart and two kids.

First there was sad news about Obama not visiting his rural home in K’ogello which broke the hearts of many.

Just when Kenyans were thinking they could land their eyes on Malia Obama, who has been giving pedophiles like Felix Kiprono and his clique sleepless nights, came the bad news.

Michelle, Malia and Shasha Obama aren’t accompanying the US President for his trip to his dad’s ancestral land.

No immediate reason was given why the three ladies decided to ‘snub’ Kenya, but sources indicate Malia and Shasha were returning to school after holiday that’s why they couldn’t board Air Force One with their daddy.

Many were expecting the world’s most powerful man to come with his family but even the sad revelation in a cluster of good news wasn’t sufficient enough to dampen the spirits of Kenyans.

After all, the son of the soil is coming and this is CONFIRMED! Why not celebrate Obama homecoming as the US President whether he comes with his family or not?