Oh please ladies, there is no fun in being single



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It is a cinch that we live in a chauvinistic society. However, sometimes what the liberal minded view as misogyny is actually the society’s way of straight jacketing us for our own good. Fathom it from this analogy.

At a certain age, if you are still single as a woman then people are bound to get sentimental and even a tad bit judgmental. It is viewed as an anathema and that is inevitable considering our African culture. Come to think of it. Why a woman would choose to remain single is something level headed people out there are yet to comprehend.

Innuendos and conjectures aside; here is why you need a man. It is the ultimate fulfillment of womanhood to have a family of your own.

Personal, academic and societal achievement though applaudable should not be allowed to down play this aspect because there is no happiness in being a graying, single and lonely professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology. Or a business guru.

Who are you celebrating your achievements with Yourself That is a façade. Having a family validates your femininity and it is in line with the scriptures.

Cut the “I have not met M Right” cr*p and tone down on your expectations like your mother who probably met your father when the only thing he had were dreams and aspirations wrapped in a thin mattress and supported with a stove (without kerosene) in a single room.

Mr Right is a colossus that exists in the minds of deluded females. Every man born of a woman under the sun has flaws and so is every woman. Just find one whose weaknesses you can tolerate.

Please stop hugging that teddy-bear so tight. It is just a toy. You need a real bear in form of a man. You call your pet cat honey, baby and frown at the slightest sight of a man who shows interest in you because he is on foot, girl please

You have raised unreasonable standards when it comes to men yet you have an assortment of dildos in your bedroom wardrobe. That is a new kind of hypocrisy, you need a man you can call out his name when things get steamy, for crying out loud, you cannot hug a dildo and scratch its back or give it love marks, see

Loathable are women who would entice men into impregnating them and later dump them because apparently these breed of women feel too emancipated, enlightened and independent for commitment. Their excuse is that they cannot handle the furor that comes with commitment and submission, they do not want a man because he will infringe on their freedom.

Actually, such women should first seek freedom from their mental slavery. Every child deserves a father or a father figure.

I think the hottest part of hell is reserved for women who deny innocent children the right to having a father because of their misplaced feminine ego.

You need a man to create a sense of equilibrium in your life. Someone to stir up a sense of responsibility in you that is distinct from other career related responsibilities. Like home-making.

Having a man would instinctively restore some sanity in your life and consequently, you will go slow on things like wild partying with the Girls Brigade. Someone you can walk the journey of life with. A friend, partner and lover to share in your dreams and aspirations with.

You need a macho figure who can hold your hands on the streets as you struggle to strut in those eight inch heels, fix stuff in the house. Someone you can throw tantrums at when it is that time of the month.