Platinum fuel tab to cut alarming cost of fuel and pollution in Kenyan cities

Motorists and Boda boda operators cross the country have something to smile following the introduction of Platinum fuel products in the Kenyan Market.

The Platinum Marketing group which is a renowned company in US has introduced Platinum fuel tab product  to Kenyan market  that will save millions of Kenyans from unprecedented high cost of fuel and  reduce air pollution woes in the Country.

The Kenyan Platinum marketing Group has announced that the first consignment of the product has arrived in the Country.

The Vice President Platinum Marketing Group Dr. Stanley Michuki said the fuel tab will save millions of Kenyan population from the soaring cost of fuel and extreme air pollution.

Dr. Michuki said the Platinum fuel tab has passed several scientific researches in the top American independent laboratories such as Battelle and the Southwest Research Institute, located in San Antonio, Texas and proved effective in reduction of carbon emission and engines long life saving component.

“I ‘m really worried about increased air pollution especially in Nairobi city and its environ that has reached to an alarming stage due to the large fleet of vehicles that emit the smoke. I ‘m very optimistic that the adoption of this product will avert the environmental pollution since it reduces smokes in the motor engines,” Dr. Michuki said.

The lab results establishes that Platinum fuel tab improve combustion efficiency and combustion of unburned carbon in the particulate emission. The product also promotes carbon oxidation in flames.

A further research indicates that the fuel tab combustion improver  product treatment level are far lower than those used with comparable combustion additives and this aspect makes the product more unique in the market.

Dr. Michuki said the Platinum fuel tab has tendency to reduce the cost of fuel usage in motor engine to up to 25 percent. He added that Platinum fuel tabs have been tested by independent labs to ensure you get real measurable savings.

The Platinum Marketing Group Vice President said Kenya and the entire Africa should embrace the use of Platinum fuel tab in motor engines to combat air pollutions that has resulted into environmental challenges and global climate change challenges.

He said the trials that have been carried out on the product by Matatu and boda boda operators in Mwiki area in Nairobi city have testified that the product is more effective in fuel economy and it sustains the lifespan of the motor engine by ensuring that the fuel is completely burned.

He said that a sachet of the product contains tablets costing Sh.4,500 at a retail market in the Country adding that one tablet  of the tab when inserted in the fuel tank can improve the fuel consumption rate.

Dr.Michuki who is also the Patron for Kenya Cancer Foundation of America said the Platinum fuel tab has been endorsed by the Vivo Energy –Kenya and the Ministry of Transport -motor department after they tested the product and found it more cost  effective in  the efficiency of the engines.