Police Academy Boots Recruits Out

Authorities at the National Police Training Academy appear to be different from previous administrations wherein recruits who did not meet the academic benchmarks were still allowed to go through the training program.

This time the Academy, under the gavel of Deputy Police Director for Training and Development Titus Kimber, is not taking any chance with recruits who underperformed in the aptitude test administered by the entity.

Thirty-six recruits including 29 from the Liberia National Police (LNP) and seven from the Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) have been expelled from the Academy for failure to score the required 60 percent grade point in the aptitude test.

Information gathered by this paper revealed that about 315 police and 102 DEA recruits took the aptitude test, but 36 of them scored 10, 20 and 28 percent for which they were dropped from the training program.

A source told this paper Wednesday that Deputy Director Kimber is not compromising the integrity of the National Police Training Academy under his watch.

The aptitude test is the Police Academy’s way of vetting recruits before they are accepted for the training.

The latest decision by authorities at the Police Academy questions the ability of recruitment officers at the LNP and DEA headquarters as to how they vetted those who were sent for the basic recruit training.

Meanwhile, additional six recruits have also been expelled for cheating during the aptitude test.