Pornhub is streaming skin flicks in virtual reality

A new category on the site promises to work with both mobile VR and the likes of Oculus Rift.


If last week’s slurry of video game virtual reality news left you craving something a little more carnal in nature, you’re in luck. Skin site Pornhubhas announced it’s launching a category dedicated entirely to VR sex videos. Pornhub says that these are optimized for mobile VR on Android, iOS and Samsung’s Gear VR, as well as being playable in the Oculus Rift and “most” other PC-based headsets. And unlike KinkVR’s subscription model, these videos are free.

Oh, and if you’re left high and dry without a set of VR goggles, the flesh peddlers say that they’ll be giving away 10,000 pair of them. Knowing how cheap Google Cardboard is, that’s probably similar to what it’ll ship out. And on that note, Pornhub says it’s baked Cardboard support into its Android app, and 360 degree video will even be supported via mobile browser on the platform. Keep in mind though that you’ll need a free hand to keep that VR system on your face.