Rape MP To Appear In Court Today

The country woke up to very disturbing news that a respected member of the National Assembly had beaten up a woman, subjected her to forceful HIV/AIDS test before raping her in his office.

Gideon Mwiti, the Imenti Central MP, has been in the headlines since the incident happened, with public outrage taken to another level.

While the public feels the police are not doing enough to bring the suspect to book, it has been revealed that Mwiti will be arraigned in court today to face rape charges. This comes after the MP was arrested yesterday after police concluded investigations into the saga.

Mwiti is accused of raping a former journalist after he invited her to his office at 10 pm where he is said to have beaten her, forcefully subjecting her to HIV test by a doctor whom he had invited and then raped her.

The doctor has since been arrested and will also appear in court to face charges of assisting a rape incident.

All eyes will be on the courts as the case against the MP kicks off today. All Kenyans want is justice for the victim.