Revealed: The 4 Types of Nairobi chics and their financial demands


Lord have mercy. Dating is a very expensive affair in Nairobi. That statement alone means Sh10,000 is the starting point on this night. To be on the safe side, budget for Sh25,000. That is someone’s house rent, month’s shopping and all his monthly basics put together! Don’t forget, she could just be the clande!

Well, not all the girls in this city come with those demands. It all depends on the estate or locality they come from as well as the status that comes with it. Here are a few classifications:

Thika Road chic

These are mostly students from Kenyatta University, USIU, Utalii College and KCA University. They are always in the trendiest hairstyles and fashion items. They rock Ray Bans and also like doing second-hand Levi jeans.

They choose TRM for their dates and hang-outs. Their local is Natives but they can easily hop into the hundreds of matatus plying the route to pop into town.

These girls love to party and everything about the night life and will often fall for any plot you come up with. They always deny having a serious boyfriend so are easy to fall into your mix. That means they leave the hostel on Thursday ready to return on Monday and well, don’t be shocked if she shows up with two classmates. They will mostly ask you to send Sh4,000 on a taxi to meet you in town and while at it, their preferred drink would be white wine or cocktails.She will also want to go through Mr Price on Monday morning to pick some quick-fix clad as she has to ‘make it to class in time’. Man, you need not less than Sh30,000 to entertain this girl all weekend.

Eastlands chic

This type of chic knows a few local ‘gangsters’ and does not easily scare. She may work or go to school in town but she has been born and raised in Eastlands and can comfortably run a successful boutique in Buru Buru, Doni, Umo or Dandoch the same way she can run a money transfer booth in town.

They have funny names on Facebook and are always in a crew of chics and guys. Most are still living with their parents. “I do not tell guys who I meet for the first time where I live because they will judge me,” Nicole says. She works for a Government parastatal and has a few tattoos. When you meet her in town, she is always upbeat and ready for a drink.

She raves around the CBD because it is easier to get ‘Umo’ mats home and she is safe among friends. The Eastlands chic does not need taxi money to meet you for a date. Besides, her preferred drink is a beer or anything that gets her high and while at the club, she doesn’t care about the lounge comfort feel as fun means dancing to the DJs music all night.

In fact, they like to ask the DJ to play their favourite song and will ask you to dance with them, song after song.

They also bring birthday cakes to clubs where they invite their friends to celebrate. If you have Sh3,500 in your wallet, man, you are set. Besides, they all have boyfriends and only have you for today. Be ready for trouble, like a fight in the club.

Kile and Karen chic

These are mostly bloggers, fashion designers, high-end models and will never be found at gigs that take place in the CBD. They hang out at Galleria’s Sirville Brewery and always have the lowdown on events like Concours De Elelgance or the Nairobi Fashion Week.

They are part of the organising committee. They attend 6am gigs and other EDM events, which are famed for the attendees’ high use of stimulants.They do not need to be picked for a date, because they drive. They buy the VVIP tickets to hang out with other like-minded fellows but they are sober enough not to get caught up in the dating game like other Nairobi youths.

But there is a catch! This girl wants to know what car you are driving before you meet on a date, want to know where you were last holiday and which cities you prefer visiting.

If she is not from one of those families whose parents are the who’s who in this country, she will fake it all the way and yes, she can be a gold-digger. One night out might be all you get from her in life. After that drink, she might never call you ever again.

South B/C, Langata, Highrise, Nyayo Estate chic

They hang out at 1824. This is the Instagram crew. They will always tell the world where they are, be it a girls’ night out or at the shooting range.

They like Vitz, Noah and Probox cars and they think local celebs are small gods so they all claim to be dating the likes of Kenzo, Prezzo, Khaligraph, Collo and Moustapha’s of this world.

They can get tickets to almost any gig in town because they know someone who knows someone else.

You will find them at Koroga, Blankets and Wine, Millionaires Club and Tamasha where they do the hook up.

They are ratchet and they do not care who they hurt so long as they get what they want. They know a taxi guy somewhere so they will sort themselves out as long as you are ready to refund. You need Sh10,000 or less to take this chic out.