‘SA also at risk of terror attacks’

South Africa is also at risk of terror attacks, a researcher at the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) said.

The news comes after a deadly wave of attacks in France killed over 120 people.

“The Islamic State declaring its intention to attack western interests in any part of the world makes any country, including South Africa… vulnerable,” Martin Ewi told News24.

“There could be an attack because we harbour elements that are incompatible with these Islamic groups.”

But Ewi added that South Africa had policies in place to minimise the threat.

While security could minimise the threat to South Africa, neighbouring countries could also present a risk.

Ewi said that a lot of time went into planning terror attacks.

“Terrorists have all the time on their hands. You will never know that you going to be attacked the next day. No one in France knew terrorists were going to attack on Friday night.”