Salgaa residents decide Nakuru doesn’t need fire engine

A fire engine valued at Sh50 million belonging to the Nakuru County Government was among property destroyed on Tuesday during a violent protest at Salgaa on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

The protestors barricaded the busy highway over what they termed as failure by the County Government to construct parking lots for trucks using the road.


Nakuru County Executive for Roads and Planning Eng. Maina Kairu while condemning the mayhem said police officers were pursuing those involved to face prosecution.

“The action by those members of the public was cowardly and unscrupulous and the highest state of impunity,” he complained.

In a statement, Kairu however said normalcy on the Salgaa section of the highway had been restored and that there was free flow of traffic with continued vigilance by the authorities.

He regretted that the issues raised by the rioters had been factored in 2015-2016 county budget and therefore there was no need for protesting.

“We have instructed the authorities to investigate the matter and called on the immediate arrest and prosecution of the culprits involved,” he said.

“On the issues raised by the residents, it is well recalled that the county government engaged the area residents through public participation in development matters.”

During the engagement with the County Government he said, they agreed “on the installation of the street lights and the rehabilitation of the drainage system all which are ongoing.”

“It’s unfortunate that the same residents are back tracking on earlier agreed priorities of development in the area which had been discussed and passed during the budget public participation forums where it was agreed that all the projects were factored in.”

Following the incident, he said Nakuru County cannot handle any emergency in case of fire since that was the only engine.