Shock as 9-month old baby burns to death

A nine-month-old baby was burnt to death by her younger sister in their home in Menyinkwa village Kiogoro location in Kisii County on Monday, 29 August.

It’s alleged that her sister who is five years was trying to lit a candle in the bedroom when she revealed a matchbox which was kept away from them as their mother had left to the shop.

This came after another two children burned down a few days ago in a nearby village due to the irresponsibility of the parent who lit the fire and locked them from outside.

It’s alleged the deceased and her sister were left with their mother in the house at around 9:00 AM in the morning as she went to purchase fertilizer.

Speaking to their mother Margret Nyachoti she said that she had left her children sleeping in the house before she came back to prepare breakfast for them and later go to the shamba.

“I just heard people screaming from my compound, I had to run and see what was happening, on my arrival I found my son burn beyond recognition,” she said.

Margret said that she had previously warned her five-year-old daughter Teresa from touching the matchbox which has been her habit.

“I had put the matchbox far away from them, I can’t tell how she found it and lit the fire,” said Margret.

To the area chief James Nyakonu he said that parents should be careful with their children and take full responsibility for them.

He urged the public to be calm since it was an accident and also learn to be careful with children by putting away delicate objects far from them.