Socialite Face-off: Vera Sidika Mercilessly Mocks Huddah Monroe (Photos)



Takes your seats around the ring people. Done? Well, sit back and wait for the referee to start the fight. It is between Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe.

Arguably the most ‘established’ socialites on the land, the two are known to swim in massive wealth that even the new born has always doubted their source.

While speculation has been high on where exactly the two grow their money, Vera and Huddah have continued to live large, drive fuel guzzlers and party in posh places in the world.

Huddah came out early today to explain the source of her wealth. She posted photos of herself in a farm and said that is what she does to get money to party in plush regions in the world.



So forget the sponsor thing you have been religiously clinging to. She is an independent woman and relies on no one to get her money.

She said:

“My day today , this ain’t for everyone… back to the hustle! This is what I do for a living , this is Where I get my eggs , my bread , my car, my house rent, etc on a 10 acre land ……. #FARMING , #FOODsupplier .I let my hands get dirty so I can chill on a YACHT in Ibiza”

But as things are turning out, Vera Sidika has opted to take a dig at Huddah though indirectly. Through one of her social media accounts, Vera has shared one of the photos Huddah had shared early, claiming that it is her bae who sent them to her .


Vera says that she doubts if the photo is real or it was downloaded from the internet to blackmail her and the rest.

She does on to say:

“Bae sent me this photo after a long day in the farm today…not sure if it’s an actual pic or Googled… Aki bae Masaku you have worked so hard this summer twende Dubai… All farmers feel free to join in”