Sonko Finally Addresses Rumors of Him Pursuing Kenya’s Sexiest Preacher Pastor Natasha Romantically


Ever since Sonko revealed that he was touched by Pastor Lucy Natasha’s sermons, the rumor mill went wild with tittle-tattle that Sonko was interested in Natasha.

“I have just watched her preaching on you tube I really like the way she preaches. Her messages are very powerful. Glory be to God.” wrote Sonko.A statement that had people urging him to pursue her on social media . He pursued her alright, but not in the way people hoped, he invited her to his offices at KICC where she could further preach to him. And that is when allegations of him ‘nyemelearing’ her started cropping up all over social media.


Her visit to his KICC offices did nothing to abate and placate the rumors and the two soon became the talk of the town.

Sonko has however come out to rubbish rumors that he has set his eyes on Natasha.Speaking to The Star, Sonko said that “Natasha is a God-fearing person who not only preaches in Kenya but also to the whole world”. Before adding that “I am not team mafisi, I respect her and my marriage too. I will sue those tarnishing other people’s names on social media.”