South Sudan crisis: Machar turns to Museveni for help

Kampala – South Sudan opposition leader, Riek Machar, has appealed to Ugandan President Museveni to help persuade President Salva Kiir to implement the peace deal signed last year, reports the Daily Monito.

Speaking during an interview, Machar took a swipe at his rival, saying Kiir had “abused” the implementation process by creating and increasing the number of South Sudan states from 10 to 28 without the opposition’s consent.

“I hope President Museveni will assist us to see the agreement implemented. He [Museveni] played a very big role to see Kiir sign it. I know he has influence in Juba. Let the role he played in the signing continue to the level of implementation,” Machar was quoted as saying.

Marchar has previously criticised Museveni for interfering in South Sudan’s internal affairs.

But on Tuesday, he called for truce, offering to start “a new chapter of peace and friendship” with Uganda, the report said.

A group of armed soldiers recently urged opposition leaders in South Sudan to force Kiir to reverse a decree for the establishment of 28 states in the country.

Kiir announced the states in December, in a move described as “wrong” by those opposed to him, as it would thwart efforts to fully implement the country’s compromised deal.

Opposition leadership in the country has accused Kiir of using “delaying tactics” in order to prevent the implementation of the peace agreement.

Conflict in the east African country persists, despite a peace deal signed in August 2015 to end an armed conflict of nearly two years between forces loyal to Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, and rebel leader Machar, an ethnic Nuer.