Students Injured in College Stampede after Terror Scare

Eleven students at Kitui Teachers Training College were Monday night injured in a stampede caused by barking dogs, after students imagined the dogs were barking at terrorists who had raided their college.

County CID boss Shem Nyamboki said the students panicked after hearing the dogs bark outside their hostels and tried to escape.

Some students jumped from the third floor of their hostels while others were trampled upon during the incident.

He added that Since Sunday night, the town has been awash with false terror alerts.

This was after police responded to reports that strangers had been spotted near Zombe Girls in Kitui County.

Police rushed to a nearby forest and shot at the air to provoke any response but there was none.

Police patrols have been beefed up in the area as part of efforts to assure locals of safety.