Suicidal woman gets right to end her life by euthanasia

According to reports, a healthy girl has been given the right to end her life by euthanasia after she claimed that she was indulged in suicidal thoughts since her childhood. The girl’s name is Laura and is just 24 years old.

Authorities have allowed her to voluntarily die. As per reports, she was an unplanned baby and underwent a distressed early upbringing. She said to doctors, “Life, that’s not for me”. The young woman shifted with her grandparents in her native Belgium. They provided her with peace, security and structure, but in vain. She doesn’t want to live anymore.

She has been staying in a psychiatric institution since she was 21. Laura told local paper De Morgen, “Even though my childhood certainly contributed to my suffering, I am convinced that I had had this death wish even though I grew up with a quiet, stable family. Death feels to me not as a choice”.

She said that if she had a choice, she would go for a bearable life. She said that many times she attempted suicide but as she is also needed by someone, she doesn’t want to hurt them and that has always stopped her.

She also said that she became friend of another suicidal girl who ended her life 18 months ago. Since 2003, assisted suicide has been legal in Belgium. According to estimations, five people a day die as a result of assisted suicide.