The man came from Brazil with the drugs

The man has both Kenyan and Namibian passport, he had swallowed the drugs in pellet form, the cocaine was worth KSh 5 million

The suspect had come from South America before his arrest at JKIA

On Monday, March 28 a Kenyan man who also holds a Namibian passport was arrested Jomo Kenyatta Intentional Airport (JKIA) in possession of cocaine.

The 50 year-old man named Carey Muhando Maboya was found at the airport carrying cocaine worth KSh 5 million.

Maboya had arrived from Sao Paulo, Brazil on an Ethiopian airline.

According to airport police this was the first time the man had ever traveled to South America.

“He has so far emitted 51 pellets of narcotics and he is under observation to finish the process,” airport police boss said.

The suspect according to sources had swallowed the drugs in pellet form.

At the airport he emitted 51 pellets and is under observation to see if there is more.

Kenyans have been used as drug carriers or mules by drug traffickers from Asia and South America, with many of them ending up being arrested at airports across the world.

Kenyans who were hired as drug mules are imprisoned in China and Indonesia with some waiting execution as drug trafficking is a capital crime in those countries.

The war on drugs in Kenya has seen surveillance at major airports improved to nab drug traffickers with more than KSh 100 million worth of drugs being impounded in the last one year.