Three suspects killed in botched robbery at Ngara, Nairobi

Nairobi: Three suspected thugs were yesterday shot dead in a dramatic chase in Ngara area and a police rifle found on them.

The AK47 rifle that had six bullets was confirmed to belong to police and was stolen in a robbery last year. Also recovered was a police communication gadget, a chequebook and two mobile phones that are thought to have earlier on been stolen from a woman few minutes earlier.

Head of Special Crimes Prevention Unit Noah Katumo said they had been tipped off the gang planned a robbery along Parkroad before a confrontation broke out. “As the officers approached the area, they heard screams from a woman who had been robbed as the gang rushed to their car where they were felled. Two others managed to run on foot,” said Katumo.

Katumo said the car that the men were using is believed to have been stolen from a motorist on Tuesday. He added they found three different sets of number plates in the car.

“We suspect the number plates are used to evade police dragnets whenever they commit crimes in the city,” said Katumo. The shooting attracted a crowd in the area who wanted to have a glimpse of the suspects.

The bodies were moved to the mortuary. Cases of armed robberies have been on the decline due to sustained police operations in the city. Police elsewhere are also looking for a suspect who dropped his gun as he escaped from being arrested in Huruma area, Nairobi.

The man was in the company of three others and had been asked to stop for a search by police when they suddenly started to run away. Police say one of them dropped a black polythine paper that had a berretta pistol. Efforts to trace them are ongoing.