Tight finish between ANC and IFP during municipal elections

The African National Congress (ANC) received the largest chunk of the votes, with 29 900 votes

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Municipal Electoral Officer Vusi Magubane has just announced the preliminary election results for KZN 237, which incorporates Umtshezi and Imbabazane local municipalities at the Estcourt Town Hall.

To open proceedings, Mr Magubane thanked all party members, supporters and voters for their co-operation during elections. He then went on to explain the percentage of the votes that each political party received.

The African National Congress (ANC) received the largest chunk of the votes, with 29 900 votes, translating to 49.43 percent. This was followed closely by the Inkatha Freedom party with 24 470 votes, 39.88 percent.

2016 municipal elections

The Democratic Alliance (DA) received 7 813 votes, 4.23 percent and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) 3 122 votes, 1.69 percent. Smaller parties and independent candidates received a lower percentage of votes, which were not enough to secure them seats in council.
Speaking about the number of seats each political party had secured in KZN 237, out of 46 seats, including Ward Councillors and Proportional Representation (PR), the ANC received 23 seats, which included 12 wards out of 23.

The IFP received 18 seats, of which 11 are ward councillor positions. The Democratic Alliance received two seats, Aljama, a new political party, received two seats and the EFF received one seat.

To conclude Mr Magubane said that voter turnout was ‘bad’ with only 63 percent of registered voters making their mark during the 2016 Local Government Elections.

Municipal Electoral Officer Vusi Magubane.

Municipal Electoral Officer Vusi Magubane.