Top Knut leaders urged to stop washing dirty linen in public

Nyamira Kenya National Union of Teachers branch executive secretary Julius Matwere has urged the union’s national officials to stop washing their dirty linen in public and instead embrace dialogue.



Knut chairman Mudzo Nzili and secretary general Wilson Sossion at a past event. The two leaders have been advised to use the avenues available within the union to resolve their differences instead of going public. [/]

Matwere said the differences arising between those who went to State House to strike a deal for the teachers and those who did attend the meeting should not bring disharmony among Knut leaders when their demands are yet to be met.

Addressing journalists on Monday at a Nyamira hotel, Matwere said Knut has many avenues to solve such problems without going public, which is likely to affect the union’s unity and image.

He said national secretary general Wilson Sossion and chairman Mudzo Nzili should exhaust the available avenues to settle their dispute within the union instead of using public forums and media to express their anger.

The unionist pointed out that it was wrong for President Uhuru Kenyatta to meddle in teachers’ issues.

He claimed the Jubilee government was manipulating all the bodies including the courts to ensure that teachers are not awarded any pay rise.

He put the Jubilee government on notice saying failure to address the teachers’ plight will seal the ruling coalition’s fate in the next general election as was the case with former president Daniel Moi’s regime in 2002.