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Uganda issues Shabaab terror alert

Uganda government has issued new nationwide terror alert following intelligence report that Al Shabaab is planning to attack Uganda.

Uganda police said they have received information from their troops in Somalia and the international police informers.

Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says the terror plan which targets the Ramadan period has already been carried out in Somalia.

The police said they have beefed up at vital installations and institutions that are likely to be targeted by terrorists.

Uganda is the key contributor to the African Union’s AMISOM force battling Al-Shabab inside Somalia and has been targeted since its forces entered the Al-shabab then stronghold.

In 2010 Al-Shabaab carried out twin bombings in Kampala targeting the Ethiopian restaurant and Kyadondo Rugby club where football fans were watching the World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain. 76 people died in the attacks.


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