Uhuru, teachers to sign new agreement on salaries after State House meeting

Teachers who worked for the five weeks of a strike over higher pay in September will be paid extra allowances, a State House meeting has resolved.



President Uhuru Kenyatta chairs a meeting with representatives of Knut and TSC at State House on Tuesday on a new pay dispute settlement. Photo/PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday chaired the meeting, aimed at averting future strikes, with representatives of Knut and the TSC.

Uhuru said on Twitter that the meeting also resolved to have the TSC release Knut and Kuppet dues for the month of September.

Knut chairman Mudzo Nzili and secretary general Wilson Sossion did not attend the meeting that also said it will agree on a new four-year collective bargaining agreement within a month.

Negotiations for the new CBA are pegged on the dropping of all cases pertaining to teachers’ pay that are before court.

This could result in the dropping of a Knut and Kuppet appeal challenging an appellate court ruling on November 6, that termed a salary increment awarded to teachers as illegal.

On June 30, the Employment and Labour Relations court ordered the TSC to effect a 50 to 60 per cent pay rise following a collective bargaining agreement the two signed in 2014.

Last Friday, the Court of Appeal rejected the pay increase saying the Labour court ignored the advice of the SRC.

A three-judge bench ruled that the determination of remuneration and benefits paid to public officers is unconstitutional without advice from the commission.

The judges further said the proposed increment was unsustainable adding the Labour Court “has no jurisdiction to conduct conciliatory proceedings.”

“The ruling of Judge Nduma Nderi has been rendered null and void. It is only TSC which has the constitutional mandate to carry out job evaluation,” the judges said.