US rhino shooter ‘not welcomed’ in Botswana

The government in Gaborone on Friday said it notes with alarm a CNN documentary portraying an American hunter, Corey Knowlton, shooting one of the world’s most endangered species, a black rhino, in Namibia and declared that the shooter was not welcomed to visit Botswana.”Mr. Knowlton, whose actions and unconvincing attempts to justify them, is not welcome in Botswana,” a statement by the government declared.

Botswana said it would have hoped that the amount of money Knowlton paid for the hunt could have been used instead to relocate the rhino to a country.

“We would have welcomed such an initiative and put the rhino in an area it would not be a threat to other rhinos and contribute to our tourism and education efforts.

“We therefore appeal for such consideration in future,” the statement said.

Botswana and other southern African countries have intensified the campaign against rhino poaching which has endangered the animal’s population in the region in recent years.