Vera Sidika Exposed Again! Did She Try To Change Her Name To Deny The First Expose? Well, This Is What She Forgot To Do!


Ghafla Kenya brought to you an exclusive expose of socialite Vera Sidika, an expose done by one very investigative ‘the seeker of truth’ showing how our own socialite is an international prostitute selling her goodies for colossal sums of money abroad and within.

Vera vehemently came out denying that it was her who was exposed after she had quickly changed her name.

However, one thing we are learning each day is that majority of these celebrities think they are so smart to turn around things and make us look bad in the public eye.


Vera changed her instagram name but forgot to change her twitter name

Yes, as always, and we say it, a media house is different from a PR Agency. That is why we delve on facts and rumours and stories that will excite the subject at the expense of the public. They will block us and troll us as much as they want but it will always go strong.

Vera Sidika who goes by the name @queenveebossette on instagram and twitter rushed after the expose and changed her name to @queenveebosset, trying to lie to Kenyans and the world that the former one was a fake account and the former is her original account. Well, she wanted to dupe us and make us look crazy after the expose.






A fan acknowledges that indeed Vera changed her instagram name to conceal the truth

But because Vera is not shrewd enough, she forgot to change her name on twitter which still remained @queenveebossette.

And as the socialite continues this famous expose, the world is still surprised at the manner in which our socialites are hawking their goodies to earn a living.

Who cares after all. We are here to inform, not to care.