WATCH: Elephant herd to the rescue after calf collapses in the road


Elephants truly are amazing creatures. Their complex social structures and obvious care for one another never ceases to amaze us.

Take for example this footage of calf who took a tumble on one of the roads in the Kruger National Park.

After the little thing’s legs buckle under him/her, the entire herd rushes over to help it back up.

The video, which was posted by Kruger Sightings, gives no explanation as to why the calf ‘collapsed,’ but the best explanation would be that it was simply exhausted and tired of keeping up with the adults.

This also seems to be the general consensus among the various YouTube comments:

“Loved it. Poor little guy was just probably exhausted and like someone else mentioned maybe a bit dehydrated. Another moment captured,” said jurassicsushi.

Jacques Jacobs put it in less kind terms, saying: ” He didn’t ‘collapse.’  It was a tantrum.  He is just being a naughty little sh*t.”