World’s rarest whale filmed for first time off coast of Madagascar allaying


Whale watching… The elusive Omura’s whale has been recorded on film for the first time. This is just one of many incredible whale encounters which have been captured on camera.

“Exclusive range restriction to tropical waters is rare among baleen whale species, except for the various forms of Bryde’s whales and Omura’s whales”.

Up until now, there had never been a confirmed sighting of the mammal in the wild by scientists and as such their numbers are unknown.

Because there were no confirmed sightings of Omura’s whales for many years after the species was first identified in 2003, scientists had feared it was extinct.

“They appear to occur in remote regions and are hard to find at sea because they are small”, he said. “What little we knew about these whales previously came primarily from eight specimens of Omura’s whales taken in Japanese scientific whaling off the Solomon and Keeling Islands and a couple strandings of dead animals in Japan”, Dr. Cerchio said.

Researchers confirmed that they are tracing the first-detected living population of Omura’s whales.