Madonna Posts Controversial Altered Photos of Martin Luther King in Social Media Sites Causes Stir: Photos Not Intended to Disrespect but to Promote Own Personal Portrait


Our universal queen of pop has been through a lot over the entire the duration of her career. She’s been involved in countless controversies and juicy issues and has repeatedly managed to come out of it carrying the same grace and vigor way before the issue surfaced. And just when you think she’s had enough of it already, we find her involved in yet again another minor controversy. Just last week, she had unintentionally caused a stir across various social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for posting several altered photos of Martin Luther King Jr. Here’s more news about Madonna Posts Controversial Altered Photos of Martin Luther King in Social Media Sites.

However, according to a statement posted in a report by, the iconic singer didn’t intend to post the altered photos as a means to disrespect but rather to create additional buzz for her own promotional portrait. The 56-year-old pop superstar had recently posed for a series of photographs where in her face was wrapped in black cords in a similar manner depicted in the altered photos of Martin Luther King.

The promotional portrait of the star is currently being used as the default photo for her official Twitter account which she used to tweet the following statement (in an effort to defend herself): “Real rebels think for themselves! Real rebels respect ART! Real rebels are rebels in their heart. #rebelheart”

Apart from Martin Luther King, her social media campaign also features several other iconic personalities. The photos are altered in the same manner, featuring them with their faces wrapped in the cords. This movement was initiated in order to promote Madonna‘s upcoming album “Rebel Heart.” The iconic personalities that were featured in the social media campaign were handpicked by the singer herself as she identifies them as Rebel hearts in their own right. Such personalities include the likes of Homer Simpson, Princess Diana, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, The Grinch as well as other prominent DJs.

However, despite Madonna’s real intentions, the inclusion of Mandela and Martin Luther King in the campaign has spurred the attention of numerous critics; some saying that the campaign is a disrespectful act of vandalism. However, Madonna defends herself by explaining how she only posted these photos as a way to pay homage to these people whom she looked up to.