15 civilians killed in Yemen clashes

At least 15 civilians were killed and more than 25 others wounded when clashes erupted between two groups in Yemen’s third largest city of Taiz on Sunday morning, a government official said.

“Intense clashes erupted between Houthi gunmen and tribal militia loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi inside crowded neighbourhoods of Taiz and a lot of houses were damaged by shells,” the local official in Taiz told Xinhua.

“The two warring rivals exchanged heavy gunfire, artillery and tank shells inside the public markets and nearby houses,” the government source said, adding that “initial reports show that about 15 civilians were killed and 25 others wounded.”

A medical official at Hakima medical center confirmed that they “received about 15 bodies of civilians and more than 25 wounded people.”

The casualties may rise as ambulances were targeted and they could not move to help the wounded people who were stranded in their houses.