Video: Woman strips down on bus as commuters watch in shock

One can never say what they might witness on public transport which can turn a completely ordinary day into a nightmare or a spectacle. The same must be the condition of commuters who boarded a bus in Baltimore, only to witness an unexpected stripping act.

The incident took place last week when a woman started stripping down on a bus as passengers watched in shock. As she started by removing her trousers and panties, a commuter recorded the actions.

The woman removed her lower garments to expose her back and was wearing only her T-shirt as she strutted down the aisle while some were heard laughing. No one knows why she did this, but she could be heard saying “Now give me my F****ng money.”

The woman then went on to remove her shirt as well and was only wearing a pink coloured striped bra, before pulling up her panties, collecting her belongings and making her way out.

People have still not identified the mystery woman in the video, which has been seen more than 2 lakh times on Facebook.

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