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Submission Guidelines

All submitted stories must meet the following Terms and Conditions before being published on The Uchaguzi.

The Uchaguzi allows you to enrich your article by doing some research on the internet, but the final product must not be plagiarized.  Any article which is lifted word by word from other websites will not be considered for publication.

Article must never be re-submitted on any other website after being published on this blog.

We accept almost any kind of creative writing but personal vendetta and defamatory articles shall not published.

If you choose to write a news item, then credible sources must be attributed alongside your story. We accept embedded YouTube videos as well.

Even after meeting all these requirements, we cannot guarantee you that your news item or article will be published since the editor-in-chief has the final word on all our publications.

We reserve the right to format the submitted articles to match the rest of the posts on this blog.  In most cases, this involves correcting spelling & grammar and adding any additional images needed to make the article more visually appealing.

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