Amazing moment a lioness hugs a man who saved her life


This is the moment a lioness leaped into a man’s arms and embraced him after he saved her life.

Valentin Gruener, a conservationist from Germany, found the lioness as a cub three years ago wandering around on her own having been driven out of her pride.

Alone in the desert plains of Botswana she faced certain death.

(Picture: Modista)
(Picture: Modisa)

But Valentin, who founded Modisa Wildlife Project in the country, took her in and nursed her back to health at the sanctuary.

(Picture: Modista)
(Picture: Modisa)
(Picture: Modista)
(Picture: Modisa)

Three years later, the pair are best friends, despite Sirga growing to a huge 140kg.

Sirga and Valentin (Picture: Splash)

Each time he opens her gate to her enclosure she jumps into his arms with excitement to hug him.

This video, which colleague John Hawkins uploaded to YouTube, went viral after getting nearly 10 million views.

Google also named Valentin on their ‘Inspiration List’ and now a documentary film is being made about their amazing story.

This includes Valentin’s bid to teach Sirga how to hunt.

Teaching Sirga to hunt (Picture: Splash)

Yum, a frog.

A frog! (Picture: Splash)

The film will be released in six parts later this year.

Valentin and Sirga playing (Picture: Splash)

And we can’t wait.