Apple to replace iPhoto with ‘Photos’

The latest developer version of Mac OS X 10.10.3 now includes the first beta version of Photos, the app that will replace iPhoto and Aperture as the go-to software for organizing and editing images. The public beta version is due for release this spring.

Photos will offer a range of useful tools for photo editing, including histogram display, image noise reduction, white balance and fill light adjustments. The software is also expected to include a number of photo filters along the lines of the ones seen on Instagram, Twitter and others.

The app will be perfectly integrated with the iCloud Photo Library, allowing users to save their images online and access them from any of their Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad). This means that editing and sorting changes will also be synced across devices. A new sharing menu will make it easy to post images to Facebook or Twitter.

Like its predecessor, Photos will allow users to sort and search for images by date or by place taken. It will also offer the ability to create books, cards and calendars from a given selection of images.

While seen primarily as a replacement for iPhoto, Photos will also make up for the end of support for Aperture, Apple’s professional photo editing suite.