At least 800 pilgrims killed in stampede near Mecca as millions attend hajj pilgrimage – VIDEO

At least 800 pilgrims have been killed in a stampede in Mecca as millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia as part of the annual hajj pilgrimage.

The stampede reportedly broke out in Mina located in the neighborhood of Mecca in Makkah Province, in western Saudi Arabia.

At least 220 hajj pilgrims were killed and 1050 reportedly injured, reports Saudi news source Al Arabiya which quotes a Saudi Civil Defence source on the situation.

Reuters is also confirming the deaths, citing reports by Saudi Arabia’s al-Ekhbariya television channel.

It is understood the number of causalities are likely to increase.

The deaths come two weeks after at least 111 pilgrims were killed when a giant construction crane collapsed on the roof of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Saudi Arabia has partly blamed the construction giant Saudi Binladin Group for the collapse of a crane.

The crash came just days before millions arrive in the kingdom for the pilgrimage, which is required at least once in the life of every able-bodied Muslim.