Bahati Forced to Abide by Daddy Owen’s Conditions. See What Their Deal Entails

Gospel wonder boy, Bahati, has sealed a deal with the king of Kapungala, the singer is now forced to abide by the conditions of the agreement.

Nowadays, it seems mere word of mouth isn’t enough to tie someone to a simple agreement, even gospel artistes don’t “trust” each other’s promises, they have to ink down their agreements on paper because that is the only way to avoid backstabbing. Daddy Owen had to get Bahati to sign an agreement to perform at his album launch on 31st December at Thika Stadium.


Down is what Daddy Owen wrote: Sealing the deal..!! Bahati signing to perform at my launch on 31st December at Thika Stadium!! #Entrepreneur #5thAlbum. So it is all about business!


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