Boko Haram Line Up Old People In Gwoza And Open Fire

Boko Haram sect has reportedly deployed another ghastly tactics, as now they are turning their guns on elderly people.

Associated Press reports with reference to the residents of Gwoza LGA, Borno State, that the insurgents have killed over 50 elderly people this week by lining them up and opening fire.

Residents of 5 villages confirmed that people who could not flee the towns affected by insurgency were being rounded up and taken to two schools to face their death.

Muhammed Gava, a spokesman for civil defense groups in the area, said that more than 50 were killed at Government Day Secondary School in Gwoza.

“What they are doing now is to assemble the aged people — both men and women … and then they just open fire on some of them.”

One of the escaped villagers who pleaded for anonymity added that more elderly people were murdered at Uvaghe Central Primary School.

Gwoza was the first area announced Caliphate by Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau. In the August video, the terrorist claimed that from that moment Gwoza had “nothing to do with Nigeria”.

The incident was followed by quick seizure of several other towns in Borno and Adamawa states. Throughout time the Nigerian military managed to recapture some regions, however some of them still remain under strong control of the insurgents.

Boko Haram fighters have no mercy either on women or children and now, as it has been learnt, on elderly people.

According to the recent reports, the sect members killed 32 and abducted 185 in Gumsuri, Borno State.

Another mass kidnap comes months after the similar incident occurred in Chibok, where more than 200 girls were whisked away from school premises. Unfortunately, the majority of the girls are still missing.