Boniface Mwangi Angrily Spills The Beans on CORD. This is Why He Calls Them Cowards


Rights Activist, Boniface Mwangi, is one annoyed fellow; he accuses CORD for blatantly “betraying” Kenyans.

On Friday 19th of December, Boniface Mwangi wrote a letter to CORD accusing and exposing their betrayal of Kenyans; this was after the showdown in parliament that saw fists flying all over.

The Rights Activist is accusing CORD of calling on Kenyans to protest in the streets and “abandoning” them to solely face the music when they are caught by the police. Boniface highlighted a number of times when CORD had called on Kenyans to take up arms against the government only to abandon them when Kenyans needed them the most.

He emphasized backstabbing was the trick CORD had mastered well using it to trick Kenyans. Down is the letter he wrote to CORD:

Dear CORD,

On Thursday the 18th of December you called upon Kenyans from all walks of life to come out in large numbers in opposition to the passing of the security bill. In fact the words you used were ‘mass action’ and the code name for the protest was #‎OccupyParliament. From your party leader Raila Odinga, to other leading lights of the party, such as senator Bonnie Khalwale, you encouraged Kenyans to come in droves.

Members of Bunge la Mwanainchi answered to the call and went to the streets yesterday. Sadly they were the only people who turned up for the protest. Neither the leadership nor the membership of CORD could be seen. Eight of those who came for the protest were assaulted and arrested by the anti-riot police, despite the peaceful nature of their protest.

On the 19th of December, the arrested were arraigned and charged with incitement to cause violence and unlawful assembly. Surprisingly CORD was absent and they didn’t send lawyers to represent them. Civil society sent a lawyer Mbugua Mureithi who asked the magistrate for a friendly cash bail and the prosecution didn’t object. To rub salt to their literal wounds, Resident Magistrate PM Mugure ordered that the accused be released on a surety or bond of Sh. 300,000 each, that’s Sh 2.4 million for the eight of them. Simply put they are faced with the prospect of spending Christmas in prison.

Where was CORD? Why have they betrayed those young men who answered their call?

This is not the first time that CORD has forsaken brave Kenyans who are willing to fight for just causes. In June last year we held the first occupy parliament protesting the attempt by Members of Parliament to award themselves a pay rise. The protest was violently disrupted, many were beaten, and 17 people were arrested and charged in court for exercising their rights. CORD was silent.

On Feb 13 this year we called for a state of the nation protest, Rev. Timothy Njoya had graciously agreed to give a sermon about the state of the nation outside parliament. The government cancelled the protest using a questionable press release on the morning of the protest, the many who turned up at Uhuru park were tear gassed including Reverend Njoya and those arrested are still in court. CORD once again, was silent.

Will CORD ever speak up for the masses or will they continue blaming the tyranny of numbers for their silence. Their inability to speak when things go wrong, their failure to even turn up for a protest they organised; these are the signs of a movement that not only lacks the resolve to stand up for the truth, but also lacks any concrete solutions. CORD as opposition has not achieved a single thing for Kenyans since they took that role in march 2013.

It is time that progressive and non-tribal Kenyans, formed a third party that will be responsive to Kenyans needs.

While concerned citizens look for funds to bail out the eight young men, we hope CORD will at least be ashamed enough to do something.


PS: I’m not a member of any political party and l wasn’t in the streets yesterday.