Bruce Jenner Blanches at Transgender Criticism My Journey is Not About Money!

Some members of the transgender community are up in arms over the way Bruce Jenner has chosen to come out … but Bruce is saying this isn’t one size fits all and he’s not apologizing.


Bruce’s friends say he was adamant he would not make the big move until his daughters were old enough to understand his decision and withstand what he believes is the inevitable teasing.

As for the interview and TV shows … Bruce is saying it has nothing to do with money and has everything to do with control. He wants his story to come out the way he feels is best.

We’re told Bruce is surprised Zoey Tur doesn’t understand where he’s coming from, since she’s been the most vocal about the community’s anger over Jenner packaging the announcement for TV.

One source says, “He’s still going through the motions and wants to take his time to help his youngest daughters cope. It’s not about a TV show or announcement.”