Buhari/Osinbajo Ticket And The RCCG

Fellow Nigerians, I am prompted to write this piece as a reaction to some permutations and attempts by political jobbers to drag to unnecessary controversy the name of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), where I am a major stakeholder, as a disciple of our revered father in the Lord; Papa Enoch Adeboye. I have read a lot of political sermons from many Ecclesiasts within the body of Christ and from those who suddenly ordained themselves or by PDP as clergy and mounted the political pulpit, purportedly to launch propaganda against the APC vice presidential candidate, Pastor (Prof) Yemi Osinbajo and his Church, the RCCG.


I have always maintained that Nigerian has come a long way for us to base our political campaigns on personalities, religion and ethno-nationalities issue, rather than what capabilities an office seeker possesses to lead us to our El- Dorado. There are insinuations by some Aso Rock favour seekers that the emergence of Professor Yemi Osinbajo as Buhari’s running mate was endorsed by Pa. Adeboye. Waite a minute! I don’t know where these confusionists gather their information. I am quite sure Pa. Adeboye is not a card-carrying member of any Nigerian political party, however as a Nigerian, who loves and cares for the wellbeing of his fatherland, it is very likely he has soft spot for any party that is doing well or will do well. That being said however, he has not made a declaration in support or disagreement to Osinbajo’s choice.

The recent statement made by the church recently dissociating herself from Buhari/Osinbajo Project is normal because RCCG is not an arm of APC as a political party. This should not be seen by APC oppositions as a denial of our brother, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo. We stand by his decision to run and will vote for his party, when we hear their campaign and we are convinced they will deliver the goods as expected. I am convinced they will.

I have also read and listen on Channels Television to some political liability like Femi Fani-Kayode, who has lost relevance morally and politically due to his political prostitution. His vituperations against the personality of the forthright and patriotic Nigerians like of General Muhammad Buhari is unbecoming of this PDP elitist political thug. This self-acclaimed historian has not read his history books to discover that the man; Buhari, he regarded as religious bigot, offerred out his first daughter in marriage to a Christian; not just a Christian; an Igbo man.

This religious bigot, according to PDP apologist, when he was the Head of State, granted Sunday off-duty status to Christian soldiers because their Bible asked them to rest on Sundays. When confronted by his Muslim brothers to enjoy the same privilege on Fridays, he asked to show him where in the Quran such declaration was made. According to these emergency Christian converts, who practices and worship unknown god, contrary to the name they bear, do not also know that Buhari reduced by 50% the Federal government spending on Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca as a Head of State.

Let me ask us few questions; why should we as Christians be fearful of any leader turning Nigeria to a single religious state. It’s a reflection of the size of our faith and the amount of belief in the Bible we read and preached. Before you mark me wrong! In Lamentations Chapter 3; 37-38, the Bible says: “Who is a man that speaks and come to pass, when the Lord has not commanded it. Is it not from the mouth of the The Most High that woe and well-being proceeded?” I strongly believe it is only what God permitted that happens. If Buhari as President decided to turn Nigeria into an Islamic nation, if we can pray, as we have done before to bring a cannibalized government down, certainly Buhari’s undesirable government will not be an exception.

Many Nigerians at home will not appreciate the pain, the discomfort and stigma Nigerians in diaspora suffered with identity on basis of corruption and terrorism in our nation. The international community has so soon forgotten Nigerian pride for sporting erudition, especially in the game of soccer and our indelible footprints on intellectual contributions to global human capital resources. At the mention of Nigeria name now; to an average Non-Nigerian, the first question will be: What has happened to Chibok Girls? What is your President doing with the issue of corruption? Some are more sarcastic that when you are within their space they ensure their wallet is kept to the chest. Just that bad for us with Nigerian identity!

My anger arose when I see respected people in our nation campaigning for continuation of this senseless looting and killing. I wonder what has gone wrong with sense of patriotism! Why would someone in his right mind and senses want a situation to continue, where a cabinet minister is spending $10 billion on maintaining aircrafts and when asked by the parliament to explain; she call their bluff and our President turned the blind eye. Why should we support the continued controversy over the missing oil revenue by the NNPC? Do we have to believe the geniuses of a government, where a terrorist convert suddenly becomes Federal Government contractor importing gunboats to the country? This has got to stop.

Fellow Nigerians, my piece may not appease the mindset of some Christian brothers and sisters who might see me as a sell-out against the backdrop of retaining the presidency in the south or at best retaining a Christian President. I have no apology to anyone for my choices. In a civilized world, nobody cares about what religion you practice or professed as a leader, as long as the trust they reposed in you, regarding their safety and better standard of living, is guaranteed. Ladies and gentlemen, if we disallow Muhammad Buhari this eleventh hour opportunity to effect the change we yearn for, we might as well forget a country, which you and I can brag and proudly call our own.

God bless Nigeria.