Cannibal sentence set for Wednesday

Sentencing of the convicted murderer accused of eating a man’s heart has been postponed to Wednesday.

The defence lawyer for 35-year-old Zimbabwean national Andrew Chimboza has told the court an applicable sentence is 15 years.

Chimboza appeared in the Western Cape High Court today in connection with the death of Mbuyiselo Manona in Gugulethu in June last year.

Defence lawyer Jasmine Rajab says the state has been unable to prove the murder was premeditated.

Rajab added that his client pleaded guilty and therefore took responsibility for taking a man’s life.

She says he has shown deep regret for what he has done.

He has, however, denied eating Manona’s heart.

But Judge Ashley Binns-Ward said two medical experts who testified during sentencing gave the impression that Chimboza regretted being caught and demonstrated regret for his actions.

The state says due to the gruesome nature of the murder the court should impose a harsh sentence.