Daring: Man arrested trying to sneak bhang to murder suspect in Nairobi police cell

NAIROBI: A man was arrested after he tried to sneak three rolls of bhang to his friend who was being held in police custody at the Kilimani police station, Nairobi.

The suspect was visiting his friend Monday morning when he was arrested with three rolls of bhangi stuffed into a loaf of bread he had.

Police say he handed the bread and tea that he was delivering to the murder suspect to officers manning the cells for inspection.

It was during the inspection of the food that the three rolls fell off, Kilimani OCPD Peter Katam said. Katam and other witnesses said the suspect tried to escape from the report office but was chased and arrested at the main gate.

“Upon further search, two more rolls were found in his socks. We are investigating the source of the narcotics,” said Katam. Katam said he will appear in court today to face charges of trafficking marijuana. Cases of drug trafficking are on the rise in the country.