‘Dislike’ button not in Facebook’s plans, says Mark Zuckerberg

Many would have thought the next change in Facebook would be a Dislike button that would appear alongside posts, so that users would be able to express contempt over stuff they don’t like.

Facebook dislike

But as of now Mark Zuckerberg really dislikes a Dislike button.

In response to queries raised by the audience during a Q&A session at Cupertino, Mark Zuckerberg took a stance that looked crystal clear when he said the dislike button is not something Facebook wishes to bring in.Valuing a broader array of sentiments people would desire to express, he said emotions have to be expressed without bringing down the posts.

However, he would look at it and try to figure out how such an option is possible. While a major share of people would want the Dislike button so as to go ahead and express their contempt over posts they don’t like, some also feel that it wasn’t cool to Like posts that contain stuff related to disasters, demises and the like.

Disliking a posts may be assumed in various ways on various posts, which is obviously why Mark has decided to stay clear of it.Another pitfall with the Dislike button might come in on the marketing front. Analysts view the risk of advertisers being pulled down with the use of Dislike buttons as a potential possibility.

Zuckerberg’s stance on the topic might have sure made them happy.Are you someone who would want to see Facebook add a Dislike button alongside posts on the wall?Or are you who are sternly against such an introduction?