Doctor Shot to Death in Russia by Patient Disgruntled Over Plastic Surgery

A Russian surgeon died Monday night of his injuries after reportedly being gunned down by an unhappy patient, news reports said.

The deputy head of St. Petersburg’s RZhD hospital, Alexander Remizov, was shot in the chest on Monday afternoon after a man smuggled a rifle past security, opened fire on the doctor and then killed himself, Russian media reported.

Remizov died overnight of his injuries in the hospital, an aide to the Investigative Committee’s St. Petersburg branch, Sergei Kapitonov, told the TASS news agency Tuesday.

Preliminary evidence suggests the shooting was motivated by revenge.

“He [the shooter] underwent plastic surgery on his nose at this hospital in 2010 and 2011, but was dissatisfied. In 2013 he had plastic surgery on his ears, but was disappointed with the results once again,” Marina Nikolayeva, a spokeswoman for the local Prosecutor General’s Office, told TASS on Monday.

Investigators are conducting a probe into security at the hospital after footage showed guards allowing the man to enter the hospital with a rifle hidden beneath a piece of cloth, Nikolayeva said.

The Rossiiskaya Gazeta government newspaper on Tuesday cited unidentified hospital employees as saying the shooter might have erred in shooting Remizov, who reportedly had no connection to the man’s operations.