Dust to dust as Magu family rests in one grave


NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 9 – From the onset, it appeared as if it was a normal burial as hundreds of mourners gathered to bid a final farewell to Paul Magu’s family at their Thika home, in Kiambu County.

The five members of the family – Magu, his wife and three children – were buried in one grave in an emotional send off, where religious leaders and various speakers urged Kenyans not to judge Magu, but leave it to God.

The children Ryan Ndau, 9, Allen Muhiu, 8, and Tiffany, 5 had been missing for a week until their mutilated bodies were discovered in the expansive Tatu City farm in Ruiru.

Magu, the 35-year-old lawyer-turned-preacher died when he stepped onto the path of an oncoming bus on the Thika-Garissa Road, a day after the body of his wife Lydia Wangui, 34, was found on Kiambu Road.

The deaths are subject of a police investigation as the bodies of the wife and the children were mutilated.

And at the burial on Tuesday, family and friends were not allowed to the customary viewing of the bodies.

“There was actually nothing to view…there was nothing,” Andrew Kamau, Magu’s brother said.

Investigations are currently ongoing with Ann Wanyoro, a pastor linked to the family, being held by the police. It is believed that she could have information that could unravel the mysterious deaths.

During the burial, people were only seen speaking in low tones wondering how the events turned out, and what led to the killings.

“The best thing about this issue is to forget it…the more you think about it, the more confused you become,” Mary Njeri an area resident told Capital FM News.

Another said, “people need to be careful; on the kind of religions they join. These are the end times.”

Magu, according to a section of mourners who knew him when he was young described him as calm and friendly.
“It is hard to believe he was on his right mind when he committed the evil acts,” Peter Mwangi pointed out.
According to his brother Kamau, “his family was excellent; it was all what we wished to have.”

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo in a speech presented by his Chief of Staff Sammy Otieno said police should expedite their investigations in a bid to unravel the mystery behind the killings.

“We are constantly misunderstanding the nature of family violence…we do this because we want to feel safe, so we apportion blame to those who die but we are somehow responsible for the wickedness that befell them,” he stated.
“When we essentially blame them, we are congratulating ourselves for a superior judgment that has not been accorded to us by God.”

Otieno urged parents to take charge of their families while warning them against joining religions which they are not aware of their spiritual works.

“Parents should take charge of their kids… let’s not leave our houses in control of our house helps…lets know where our kids go to worship,” he stated.

Ann Wambui Wanyoro, a pastor of the church Magu used to attend is reported to have been with the family four days prior to the killings. Detectives have since launched a search for a lawyer who was to facilitate the transfers while they continue to hold the pastor in custody.

Police have been investigating if the deaths have anything to do with suicide, murder or ritual sacrifice following reports that Magu was a successful lawyer four years ago, but quit when he became too religious and changed churches before he started avoiding some of his family members.

Religious leaders addressing the function said, “All those who were involved in the killings should be arrested.”
On December 4, Evangelical church leaders cautioned Kenyans to be wary of fake preachers who play on their faith for unscrupulous reasons.

The Kenya Evangelical Alliance Chairman Bishop Mark Kariuki said some people were recruiting people to cults, even through the media.

“Before you make any decision you have got to find out, who am I listening to? Refrain from participating in cultist worship and from being radicalised, it is not every person who calls Jesus Lord who is a servant of Jesus,” he said.

“One of the ways of identifying a cult is manipulation, where you find there is manipulation, then this is a cult and this is what is happening.”