Furious girlfriend Snapchats boyfriend choosing Fifa over sex

Big decision: Sex or Fifa?

A boyfriend has been shamed online after his lady posted this photo on Snapchat – showing him choosing Fifa over sex.

The stocking-clad woman captioned a picture on the photo-messaging app: ‘Fifa is clearly more important.’

The image caused a stir online about the man’s decision to turned down his other half in favour of Fifa.

And other girlfriends have joined in to share the frustrated lady’s complaint, with one saying the game was “clearly more important than me”.

It comes after a week of Snapchat pictures that have gone viral, including two people who have reported seeing ghostly figures in their Snapchats.

Bethany Harvey was taking a Snapchat image of herself and her nephew, but says she never expected a creepy presence to pop in for the snap.

And Grainne Dowdall, 14, was just sending a standard picture to her friend from an upstairs bedroom in their home when a creepy presence was spotted.