Garissa groups given 30 days to drop their guns

Communities involved in inter-clan clashes in Garissa have been given 30 days to surrender illegal arms.

Northeastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh said no new constructions will be put up in conflict areas.

The resolutions were made on Monday during a meeting to end inter-clan clashes involving Balambala, Dadaab and Lagdera constituencies.

It was held in Garissa town and attended by clan and political leaders, including Garissa Town MP Aden Duale.

Scores have been killed since the clashes between Abduwaq and Auliahan started a year ago.

“We have signed a resolution between the two subclans, which is going to be binding,” Saleh said.

Other resolutions include a boundary review and enforcing traditional dispute resolution.

Duale said political leaders are committed to the peace process to ensure there is no violence.

“On behalf of other leaders, we are committed to resolving all outstanding issues and ending clan clashes,” he said.

Duale also chairs the Northeastern Parliamentary Group. He denied allegations that politicians fund the clashes.

“They have done their best to end the clashes,” Duale said. “As MPs we will use the Parliament recess to bring together communities and strive to find a lasting solution to end violence.”

In October, one person was killed in clashes between the Abduwaq and Auliahan.

A gang armed with AK47s raided a construction site at Fafkalal at the border of Dadaab and Balambala at 2am. They sprayed bullets at 10 workers asleep in a camp.