Ghana opens probe after government websites hacked


Ghana launched a probe Wednesday after most of the west African government’s websites fell victim to hackers.

The presidency website, the government of Ghana website ( and the ministries of communications, local government, trade and foreign affairs were all targeted by the hackers.

“I am very confident that we have the people on the ground to help us investigate this matter and to help us put in place the right and secured softwares and infrastructure to prevent this from happening going into the future,” said deputy Communications Minister Ato Sarpong.

Sarpong said the government has regained control of most of the hacked websites.

“They are 90 percent close to bringing them back online,” he said.

Other websites brought down were those of the ministries of tourism, water resources, works and housing, navy, scholarship secretariat, Ghana Education Service and Ghana Irrigation Development Authority.

Asked if the attack was the work of a Turkish hacker group, Sarpong said “that is what it seems. I dont want us to look at it as a Turkish thing against a Ghana thing.”

“Let us allow the relevant authorities to take this one up.”

The minister said a meeting of professionals and experts in the industry would be convened “to help strengthen government systems because this is a warning to us -– not only to government but to all of us.”