Giant glass shoe shaped church built in Taiwan


Budai township in the south-west of Taiwan is attempting to attract more tourists by building a church that looks like a giant high-heeled shoe that is made entirely out of metal and blue-tinted glass tiles. Though still under construction tourists are already visiting the site to snap selfies.

Situated in the middle of a construction site and next to a traditional Buddhist temple, the bright-blue glass structure rises up to about seventeen metres at the highest point at (its heel), making it the biggest high-heeled shoe according to the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration that is running the project.

Talia Pan, who is the Recreation Section Manager of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration, came up with the plan for the building to attract more visitors to the area. She wanted to turn a rather sad part of history into a positive future, giving lovers the opportunity to experience romance.

Other members of the administration were inspecting the building to the sound of ongoing construction, discussing latest details with construction workers, as the project is not due to be finished before Chinese New Year in the beginning of February. The structure itself is already finished, while the surrounding area is still a strip of soil.

The biggest concern of Cheng Jung-feng, Director of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration, is the lack of work opportunities for young people in the region. This is why he says wants to attract more businesses by first creating tourist attractions and hoping that the rest will follow once there is a certain buzz on social media.

Visitors of all ages seem to have found a liking to the unusual building. 50-year-old Lai Yu-ting said that she can hardly wait for the shoe-shaped church to open in February.

Visitors are expcetd to flock to the church when it opens. The officials at the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration are already planning more attractions, including a giant jewelled engagement ring in a water basin, and a waiting hall in the shape of oysters.

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