Heartburn could be a sign of stomach or esophageal cancer

Experiencing a heart burn continuously for three weeks could be a sign of cancer according to a new research.

A health campaign conducted by Public Health England together with Cancer Research UK  is aimed at creating awareness about the probability of heartburns experienced for more than 3 weeks being a cancer sign.The campaign urges people not to ignore heartburns and that they should pay visits to a doctor incase they have difficulties in swallowing food as  it could be a sign of stomach or aesophageal cancer.

The highest cases of aesophageal cancer in EU is experienced in England with about 12,900 people diagonised with the illness every year and about 10,000 people dying yearly.The stomach and aesophageal cancers are ranked the fifth most common cancers in UK.

The causes of these cancers could be caused by the rising obesity levels in the country, smoking, drinking of alcohol and unavailability of fruits and vegetables in diets.

The campaign realised that so many people are not aware of the symptoms of cancer.They further added that if people are made more aware about cancer then so many lives will be saved.