How my socialite daughter Corazon Kwamboka broke my family

A man claiming to be socialite Corazon Kwamboka’s father has come out alleging that his ‘daughter’s’ fame has torn his family apart.


Osmond Sambu Okero told The Nairobian that his family allegedly abandoned him in Siaya town where the 57-year-old was trying to come to terms with his miserable life after exhausting his savings and resources to pay school fees and other bills.

“Trouble began when my daughter started being featured in newspapers and branded a socialite. I had 10 children, unfortunately, two died, and Kwamboka is the first born. She was born and bred in Kibos, Kisumu. I took her to Lwak Secondary School in Siaya. She was a very bright girl; who passed all her exams and was admitted to study law at the University of Nairobi,” says Sambu,  an accountant turned teacher. He adds that in 2011, a friend informed him about his daughter’s pictures doing the rounds online.

“When I called my daughter, she said they were shots from a modelling job. “I was so disappointed that she was half-dressed and I couldn’t believe that it was my daughter parading her body for all to see,” says Sambu who allegedly advised Kwamboka to focus on her education.

“You know children make mistakes, and as a parent, you forgive and guide them so that they become responsible adults. She promised to stop, only for more pictures to emerge and thereafter, she was rolling in money,” says Sambu, adding that with money from her Nigerian boyfriend, “she started supporting her mother. And in 2009 when I visited the house they rented, I was received with hostility.” Sambu says that later in 2012, his first born son persuaded his mother and they got back together as a family and she came back to their home in Kibos.

But they reportedly parted ways again and Sambu relocated to Kisii from Kisumu to avoid the embarrassment. “I had no say in my own house because I wasn’t the breadwinner. I walked out and have never looked back,” said Sambu, adding that, “My children do not talk to me anymore. The last time Corazon assisted me financially was last year when she sent Sh2,000. She no longer picks my calls.”

Sambu wishes that, “My very bright girl could stop this socialite thing and practise law. She can be an amazing lawyer. I also realise she is over 18 and can’t make career choices for her. I pray for her every day.”