How to sex up your Valentine’s Day


It’s five days to Valentine’s and you have no idea what to do. Here are some tips:

Sext your partner

No details. Just a little hint of what you plan to do with them later on. Let them spend the rest of the day imagining how it will be. By the time you actually get to it, they will be super curious and super excited.

Write your partner a love letter as opposed to a card.

Tell them how you feel about them. Throw in a paragraph about what you love about their body. Use good quality paper because your partner will want to re-read that letter for years to come. Tell them what you enjoy about your sex life.

Visit a place that has a special meaning for you both

Like where you shared your first kiss, your first date, or the spot where he proposed. Once here, reaffirm your love and commitment for each other. If possible hold them close as you tell them why you love them.

Have a warm shower together

Then go ahead and give your partner a full body massage.  Moisten your hands with massage oil and have a bonding session with his/her skin. If you are not sure of the amount of pressure to apply on their skin, use my favourite question, “On a scale of 1-5, how good does this feel?”

Dress up for your date

You will enjoy undressing each other when the time is right. Take your partner to a high end hotel and enjoy being treated like royalty. Alternatively, send the kids away and turn your house into a love den.

If you can’t find anyone to babysit your kids, make them all sleep early and turn your bedroom or living room into a romance zone. Dance to your favourite love songs in the candle light.

Enjoy your favourite drink

Feed each other on some finger foods. Make out on your living room rug.