“I beat terminal cancer with pineapples”: Brave woman defies doctors after refusing chemotherapy

A woman given five years to live claims to have beaten terminal cancer by eating pineapples and ditching her husband.

Candice-Marie Fox was stunned when told she had just five years to live after thyroid cancer spread to other parts of her body.

The now 31-year-old was offered chemotherapy but declined as it had “killed” friends of hers and instead overhauled her life by munching up to three pineapples a day.

She also ate dozens of grapefruits, lemons, apples, kiwis and bananas and ditched booze meat and ever her husband.

Within six months her grade four cancer was almost gone and astonished medics have now confirmed the marketing worker is completely free of tumours and she now runs a website encouraging others to take control of their health.

Candice-Marie Fox
Fighter: Candice-Marie Fox changed her whole outlook on life

She said: “I had got rid of the massive tumours by arresting and starving them with the pure science of food.

“Like pineapple, kiwi and papaya – I found out that the bromelain eats away at a particular protein layer of the cancer.

“There is a protein in animal products that feed the cancers and when I was eating big hefty meals my body couldn’t heal because all our energy is going into digesting the meal.

“If I was eating one bit of fruit at a time, which eats away at the layer of the cancer, I was killing it and within six months my cancer was gone.

“There are now no tumours left in me. I’m so grateful for the cancer now in hindsight. It turned me into the person that I was meant to be.”

Candice-Marie Fox
Food doctor: Candice-Marie began eating fruit and ditched meat

Pretty Candice, from Houghton Regis, Hertfordshire, found a lump above her left collarbone in 2011 and an ultrasound revealed around 20 papillary thyroid carcinomas.

Despite going through treatment, the cancer had spread to her liver and the back of her neck – with pre-cancerous cells also in her lung – and she had a maximum of five years to live.

Doctors told her to come back in six months for chemotherapy to reduce the incurable cancer but Candice refused.

She had lost both her best friend Jamie Brownsmead, 31, and cousin Frankie Gerathy, 13, to cancer in 2009, and blamed body-weakening chemo for their demise.

Candice-Marie Fox
Stress: Candice-Marie started taking yoga and meditating to calm her down

British Candice, who was living in Karratha, Western Australia, at the time, recalled: “I decided I had five years left, or six months to get rid of this crap, and show them that I can do it on my own.

“I started eating so much fruit – sometimes weeks on a fruit only diet.”

Candice researched on the internet and switched to an almost entirely fruit and vegetable diet.

She gorged on fruits like pineapple which are high in bromelain which is thought to ‘eat away’ at cancer, and ditched heavy meals which zapped energy away from ‘healing’.

She binned chemical-filled beauty products and cleaning sprays, quit smoking and took up yoga, as well splitting up with her husband of two years.

Candice-Marie Fox
Cure: Candice-Marie, pictured with a friend’s children, claims smoothies helped her

As well as joining a positive-thinking dance group which performs in public places, she took up meditation and gave up her un-fulfilling job as a courier.

She explained: “Stress, chemicals and animal products all feed cancer, so I just got rid of them.

“My husband was not supportive and it wasn’t working, we we split up too.

“I had got rid of the massive tumours by arresting and starving it with the pure science of food and a positive attitude.”

When she returned to her doctor six months after her dire diagnosis tests confirmed she had almost completely killed her cancer.

A test for thyroglobulin – a protein produced by cancerous cells – revealed she had reduced her levels from 13 to 0.7 nanograms per millilitre.

Candice-Marie Fox
Battle: Candice-Marie was given just five years to live

Recent tests showed her cancer was at a 0.2 level – just 0.1 above they expected healthy level, and in the normal range for healthy people.

Candice, who runs a modelling agency said: “I’m living life on my terms now. I’m not upset, I’m not waking up sad, I’m waking up choosing what I want to do with my life.”

Oncologist Mark Simon, director at the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute in California, has helped Candice, and said: “Diet plays a major role along with regular exercise, positive attitude and even spirituality.

“Fruits like pineapple contain a mixture of proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain known to have anti-cancer activity.

“Science does not provide all the answers and we most remain open to forces beyond our comprehension and understanding.”